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“ F E A R L E S S M O V E M E N T ”

E t a  A q u a r i d s  M e t e o r  S h o w e r

0 6 . 0 5 . 2 0 1 1

7.30 to 10.30 pm

C h r y s o p r a l e

Almost arrived and I already had my first synchronicity. The French artist A.P

was just waiting at the front door. I entered and he came few seconds later. When I said “

bonjour ” to him, he looked a bit surprised. I told him I wanted to come to his opening exhibition

that was set up the day before.

We entered in pairs. H.M and his partner smoked us with sage or cleansing herbs.

Then, we could set up our space with cushion and blankets. I found the space full, and hesitated

where to go. Then, I found a small space just on the side of the computers acoustic installation,

where Heath and Scott I presumed would be.

They introduced the night, the space and sound - visual meditative journey. It was an open and safe space for us. We were facing a screen divided in three parts that will soon project geometrical images. There was an altar in the centre of the space with the Chrysoprale, as well as others minerals and statues of goddesses, deities and buddhas. I had in each of my jacket's pockets one Indian deity. Sculptures, offered by the husband of a friend working in India as one of the great world acoustic designer for movie and music industries. I had intuitively placed them in the right pocket.

Ganesh, the masculine principle, was in my left pocket and Kali, the Dark mother goddess, in the

right. I took both in my hands and I wondered if I had to inter-change their position. Ganesh in my left hand and Kali in the right I weighted their energy, their intention and messages, where they wanted to head towards. I already felt that I will place them on each side of the altar as per said,Ganesh on left, the West and Kali on right, the East, both facing the screen and surrounding the altar channelling the chrysoprale.

The overall experience was drawn toward the expression of our individual higher self in a

community setting and energetic space. The Eta Aquarids meteor Shower and its energetic shift

were from the 4th to the 6th of May 2011 but meteors would continue by pass Earth and its Sky until the 12th. The 4th was promoting grounding on an energetic and mineral earthy level. The 5th was the chance to go in our past lives and connect with our eternal wisdom. The 6th was a combination of both Love and acknowledgement of our Self toward the future planetary shift in Consciousness on a personal, communal, societal, and civilizational grounds helped by the chrysoprale and its fearless movement.

It has been for me a continual ascension before and during these three days.

On the 4th , I went to the launch of the book on “Shamanism and Psi” by Adam Rock and Lance

Storm at Phoenix Institute. I had previously seen it at the Fourth “Victorian Symposium of

Transpersonal Psychology”. This time, I bought the book.

The 5th, I had an amazing afternoon with my Lover that I met lately. It felt like he came from my

past, where we were strongly connected. Egypt, seemed to connect each other in our past lives. We

had a session to reduce the “ noise” I had in my mind to be able to calm, to relax and to connect

more to the “Psi messages” I have received particularly, since January. I loved and honoured him

through a kind of tantric ritualised moment. We connected back in union and ecstatic pleasure for


The 6th arrived like a completion of this three days cycle, like a peak.

We took a few drops of Chrysoprale colloidal essence under our tongue, that would help balance

this mineral already present in our physical and subtle bodies. Heather told us about this mineral

that shift the earth and cosmic energy in and around us at this specific time in 2011. The colours

representing its composition were on the screen: red, yellow white? and black. I saw a link with

Aboriginals colours but did not assume anything from that.

We did a few movements to build energy in the body and bring back our attention to it. Like Osho

Meditation setting. Then, we could set up an intention to our meditation. It would be our own

intention for this journey. Three intentions came straight flowing towards mySelf:




Sharing and Connection


My soul will journey in the Upper world to find through a higher guidance some connections and

sharing that will heal me, the community and the World in the future. I also wanted to connect to the past, to my ancestral wisdom but even more the Universal wisdom of humanity. I knew that I will fly to Egypt because of its call for me since a while.

I saw all “my” people of the Sacred Land ,Australia, present as I was preparing mySelf to fly and to Journey. My LoVe was here, coming towards me, all dress in white and holding an object or a shape in his hands, arms above his head very high. He was telling me, inviting me to look at it. Look at this heart, bright, red, luminous that was already starting to grow bigger and bigger.

“Look at it darling, this is your heart, this is your Love”. It will help and guide you towards your purpose and meaning. Some persons were preparing my wings shaped like angels ones. At the same time, they were birthing and growing by themselves. Very bright and white. It was not painful but like a sacred preparation. When they came out of my shoulders, some persons were massaging my

shoulders to help them to come out. Slowly, as G. was talking to me as well as others Aboriginal

shamans, maybe Gerry was here too, Aboriginal coloured feathers were coming out of my wings.

Slowly, they were growing brighter and stronger.

“ We will be here waiting for you and with you at the same time”. Aboriginals and white people

were present more an more, in a mass, all in front of me, soon behind me staying on the ground. I

honoured and thanked everybody there and also here, present in this room. I started to feel my

wings, to tame them. When I started to fly, my balance was not good, I was spinning around without

too much altitude or flight. Then , I started to fly and to flow. People were saying good bye to me and slowly disappearing in a blurred, although luminous landscape. I was going upwards, flying to the celestial sky.

Heath started the ten minutes meditation to put us in a trance state, deep state or maybe it was

already going along with my flight.

The Journey started.

First were sounds, then images, colours and shapes came. A landscape with dead wood coming of

the water, maybe representing the Petrified wood. A Rainforest landscape. Geometrical shapes

followed with colours and lines. Squares, circles, triangles, pyramidal and spheric shapes. I tuned very quickly to the sounds more than the images as

my mind and unconscious was already full of my own plus the collective unconscious mental


I also tend to close my eyes in a classic meditation setting to help go inwards and tune within


It flowed and I found my hands already moving upwards to the sky at a very slow pace when

listening to the music.

Now, I do not remember exactly what was my first body movement shape but it seemed that it was

round and feeling like matter. A strong energetic matter in movement. I felt this matter growing and moving. I was flying in a blue peaceful sky. Going higher and higher. My mental imagery and

journey went to trace or mimic itself on the screening images but with others dimensions. A square

grid multiplying was present. I saw myself flying on this grid like a matrix. A point in the centre,

like a tunnel. I flew inside, deep inside towards others opening realms and dimensions.

I turned and spinned around myself, my wings shaped like a protective armor all around my body in

an ADN shape. It is going very fast like pure fire energy, though my movements are very slow and

controlled by mySelf and through the vibrational energy that grow in the room.

I saw the axe. The Chrysoprale axe, that was centred in the altar. For me, the geometrical shapes on the screen and the mineral energy coming out of the mineral present in the earth were deeply linked.

Sounds and shaped images interconnected in subtle energies. As heath said we all have this

chrysoprale present in ourselves. I felt that this growing mineral was building another dimension on the matrix. I saw and I soon found my body, my arms, translating in movement latitudes,

longitudes, transversal spaces. I was flying on this grid like in a 3D computer scenery. I could

perceived and already be on this “de-multiplying (scaling down)” cosmic energetic “net work”.

Appeared here, a contrast in my feeling and in my vision. I was so soft, like in a linear or angular

momentum “shaped” body, flowing like spheric waves on this abstract, fractal, masculine

geometrical shaped dimensional momentum. Both mixing and building a complementary dual

energy. The 3D scenery was with and around me. Soon, appeared a fourth dimension that seemed

more transversal. It multiplied and heightened in vertical and horizontal dimensions. A fifth one was here too. Finally, they all were interconnected in a kind of matrix carpet or mesh. I could stand on this one, but I was projected through these dimensional instant in another one, older, further in the past and its human collective unconscious.

My hands were dancing on the sounds. I noticed that Heath voice and songs precipitated mySelf

deeper and deeper. I was joining the origins of Humanity through the Dark age, towards our enlightning past that will brighten our future.

I was guided by higher energies and spirits. My hands shaped a cylinder of mineral matter coming

far from the deep earth. It was building itself in a very strong manner, between my hands. I could

feel the warmth, soon the heat, growing and building in their centre. Although it was massive in

energy and resistance, I could hold it in movement. It was like if the energy was growing with my

own energy. I felt Strength and speed. I felt quantum energies and principles.

At one point, my hands were drawn towards the altar, towards the chrysoprale. A sphere, formed

from this altar and altered space ; a pure energetic and mineral matter, incandescent in its centre was calling me.

I could feel air inside moving in interaction with the fire. Water was flowing, like in a spheric

movement in the closed periphery of the fire core, that was still itself in a permanent interaction with air.

It was just pure living matter with all our earthy fundamental elements.

My fingers were shaping it, modelling it. The matter was shaping my fingers and giving them birth,

life, energy and universal creativity of life.

I arrived at the door of a pyramid.

My love was present all the journey, guiding me with his voice and his brighten soul.

The sarcophagus again, in front of me. Symbols started to shape my hands. My hands started to

shape symbols. I was going upwards to the sky. My hands, already arms and all upper body

straighten itself toward the pinnacle enlightened. My fingers imitated a geometric shape, my fingers tensed and very tight towards the sky.

My body was very strong and outstretched, bend like a bow.

My head slowly dropped down backwards so my forehead was horizontal, completely offered to the

sky, to the energy present on the top of the pyramid, coming from a huge dark, absolute cosmic

channel energy. Coming far from the creation of the Universe, the sacred black hole of the big bang.

I received this energy entering through my third eye. Flow of energies, images, past coded

informations and linguistics.

A line or axis of pure energy that seemed synergetic entered and fulfilled my soul, my mind, my all self.

It was nurturing, healing and empowering.

I could not move my head, like if I was paralysed. Then, it slowed down and stopped. My head

slowly came back to its based position.

I think, I had a movement of opening my arms in front of me.

I found myself in front of the Pharaoh. He was as huge as last time. He was a bright gold shape on

a black dark landscape.

At one time, I had the sensation to arrive to the doors of the Universe, where all events and

informations were stored, from all ages, since the birth of the earth. This Cosmic book was un

-materialised here with all the “writings” past, present and future.

(A memory pop back to me that at times I saw the group of persons and myself in the room in a

complete stillness, with composition of chrysoprale floating around us, like suspended in the air.

Red, yellow, white and black particles flowing in a static continuum movement.)

My hands will touch my ajna chakra. Always at a slow pace, like an ancestral unfolding, my fingers

formed a triangular pyramidal shape, coming from the earth. Movement going up in front of me like

a screen. Heading towards the sky like a sacred offering. Here, appeared to me, the shape of an eye in the centre of a pyramid combined with a reversed pyramid crossed as well as based one to

another. They were anchored together.

The light of the wisdom and pure knowledge enlightened the eye, that became very luminous and


My “presence” was taking and sucking this force, this strength and pure sacred ancestral

knowledge. It had a black energy in it, the absolute infinite existence at its core.

My fingers were stick together like glue, although in a soft manner.

The shaped pyramid coming towards me, my head drop backwards to received the light, this sacred

knowledge. My pyramidal fingers gently coming to my forehead and ajna chakra, landing on my

third eye. A powerful dark voice coming from the deep far in the Universe, the voice of the

Pharaoh, told me that I will received this knowledge. I answered him that I was honoured and ready

to received this privilege.

The pyramid touched my third eye chakra and the light came within mySelf, through mySelf and

from mySelf.

The voice repeated three times “ You will see, You will connect”. I repeated back “I will see”.

The pyramid went down to my mouth. “ You will speak, you will share.” repeated three times;

I repeated “I will share.” The light flowed.

The symbol continued its way down toward my chest and soon my heart, slightly turning on the left

to be placed on my heart. “You will Love. You will open” repeated three times. I answered back “ I

will love”. My chest and heart chakra were fulfilled and flowed by the light

Then, the pyramid arrived towards my belly and my root chakra. It stopped there. “ You will infant,

You will give birth.”

Repeated three times. I answered back “I will give birth”. Light and sacred life was going in and out of my womb.

Spaced out by a few minutes, my pyramidal shaped fingers started their ascension back, going

upwards in a reversed shape, the peak downwards, along my body and chakras at a closed distance

in front of me. Arrived at my mid upper body it turned on the matrix in an horizontal dimension.

Opening other realms and subtle universes of inter-spaced time, where the masculine matrix became

feminine womb. The watery space of universal emotions giving birth to the substantial matter of

these “inter-space” in a momentum landscape.

It continued its path toward the sky, toward the deity waiting its own ending time.

The pyramid went in its first position in front of my forehead and eyes. My head and overall energy was going upwards to the skylight. Then, the pharaoh started his ascension back into this Universal black absolute brahman momentum.

My fingers detached and open towards this momentum, open itself toward the whole Universe. My

arms went down, slowly, in a meditative position through an enlighten suspended position of my

hands, offering themselves and their new gifted absolute knowledge “eyed” inside. Turning towards

the Universe like a sacred offering. Honour and privilege, strengthens mySelf .

My palms turned skywards and give back the knowledge in a synergetic movement of healing.

My head drop down towards the earth, such as my arms drop as well in a slow, soft, like feathers,

wings movement. I landed back on Earth and in this realm, leaving the physicality of the celestial


I meditated eyes mid closed, in a peaceful instant, like an eternal breathe lasting one second.

My hands joined in a mineral dance spinning, like planetary maturation and growth. I hold a sphere

of air, a ball of matter.

My hands and arms started to turn in a rotative spinning shape. From left to right.

Then space opened and liberated all elements.

My indicators fingers started to rise in the air towards one another and towards my third eye. Both

index touched at each other at the exact same time they linked to my wisdom eye. Connection.

Everything stopped and opened. The light went through the black hole, the eye chakra. Opening to

the cosmos and the whole Universe. My arms started to shape themselves like a deity posture and


My Love appeared to me. We could join in a sacred union. He was upon mySelf, smiling and

honoured. I shaped a sphere in front of my ajna chakra and opened, my now, fulfilled, Soul to his

Self, in a sacred danced gesture of an eternal magic gift.

I offered You my Soul. I offered You my Love.

It was if the new born soul was inside the sphere, wrapped in its protective cocoon. My Soul

moulded like a flower. My Soul and my sex like flowers intertwined in Oneness.

My hands joined in an infinite gesture of respectful and honoured prayer.

I was infinite Love and Light. There is no I nor am. The sound of the feminine infinite and absolute breath, bliss and don arisen; Aum.

Your powerful and strong eternal masculine principle arisen in the Om sound. You joined me in this

ecstatic and terrestrial dance of the birthing of a new enlightened Loved Era. A new enlightened

Loved Terra. A pure diamond flower, union of the feminine and the masculine dualities now One.

The two reversed pyramids are unification of the mother Earthy Moon and the father Sunny sky.

Connected together in a perfect balanced equilibrium of a new born civilizational ecology, a

birthing ecosophy.

I praised You and the Universe. I thank and Honoured You and the Universe like the absolute

impermanent existence of our union in an infinite eternity.

My hand and their two index fingers shaped like the loops of the origins, joined together in a non

controlled movement. Soon fingers touched, opened and interconnected together in the infinite

symbol. The cOalessence of You and Me, now Us, coiled liked sacred serpents. Now Oneness.

During this last part ,the Rainforest landscape came back for a few minutes. Then remained, only

one dot, a black hole centred in an ascendant environment. The O of c O a l e s s e n c e .

My hands treasured this infinite symbol of union, of oneness, this sacred diamond Soul, shaped

like a divine flower.

I offered it to Your, skyward, powerful, black multidimensional matrix.

In a maternal gesture, I faced it in front of my root chakra and seeded it towards the doors of my

newly Infinite and enlighten healed womb.

The sounds and imagery end.

Heath invite us to thanks for the message we got back to our intention.

I thanked and honoured You.

I thanked and honoured Them.

I thanked and honoured It.

My hands joined in a prayer symbol facing my third eye in a sign of divine allegiance.

Afterwards, I noticed that I had intuitively placed Kali on the side of the Petrified Wood; the

Wisdom and Past Lives experiences;

I had placed Ganesh on the side of the Lodestone, the Earth Embrace and grounding.

At the front was the Chrysoprale, mastering the Journey, wrapped in its Fearless Movement.


W i t h  P r i v i l e g e , L o V e  a n d  L i g h t


e V a ♥ a V e



R A I N B Ö W  S E R P E N T  F E S T I V A L 


O / /


3 0 / 0 4 / 2 0 1 1


4 : 4 4 a m 



I would like to start by narrating my experience of the last RainbOw Serpent Festival.

For the second year, I went there, this time with a few couples of beautiful friends and classmates (M&B, M&M...).

I went there without any tent or sleeping bag thinking that I will find a spare place on the site with friends of friends. Maybe, I was thinking that a good soul will offer me to sleep in her kingdom :).

Well, I had to join and to found there, my friend A.D

We arrived and already there was something happening, just before the entry, with Mickael 's camper van. Finally we get there.

For practical and “community” reasons we decided to camp at the far end of the South Camp. That was the opposite of where I went the year before.

We were close to the South Mountain where people climbed it or half of it (it is bit far) to see the sunset emerging on the site.

The first day was like a tower owner or an acclimation with our “new” landscape to be in and to share for the next 3-4 days.

We had to understand the new shower's token system the festival had put into place. Just to say that this one was really “shitty”.

I had a walk all around the site...I think nearly every where.

The first evening we introduced each others to common friends (well it was more of their friends are mines where either I do not knew where or not arrived yet).


The second night, the 22th where the Official Opening ceremony with Aboriginal blessings, fire ceremony, dance and songs. 

After it, was starting the live concert “Shpongle” (that I will record centred in the middle of the crowd and my hand on a stick of wood) in partnership with the couple Allison and Alex Grey doing a live painting performance. They were the special guests of the Festival, as Alex Grey had his first Australian tour.

I had for this occasion of Opening ceremony, where people started to dress up, put a Peacock Feather Mask kindly lend by M. that she owned from her UK best friend.

This one missed a few feathers, so I offered to Margarita to repair it, the word “ to heal” it came to me :).

I shared the idea to put Aboriginal feathers coloured : One Yellow for the Sun, One Red for the Blood and the Land, One Black for the Skin and the soft white of my own skin would be the last one.

On that night, I put this mask and a peacock patterned top. Everything started to shift. My energy levels at first.

I could not found Margarita and her friends at the meeting Point. Too many people and movements. I was at peace and since on the site I had the feeling and the will to let all flows.

I will meet them later, when it will be mean to Be.

Going to say hello to the jeweller I had bought to two feathers earrings ( one of a peacock) earlier in the afternoon, I pop into Jo and had a few others connections or encounters. My energy was rising. I went to see my dear loved Live band O k a, Electro Aboriginal, Australian and Reggae roots.

The energy was high...very high for me. I found myself just side to an old rastafarian. My right hand just rise up in the air in an open shape toward the band, stage, sky, stars and cosmos. Just open to receive this energy and to give my welcome, my respect and honour to be here with them. The singer at one point welcome everybody and the shamans presents there.

Just tapping on the ground with my feet at the same time my right hand rise in the sky where connecting myself to others sources, perhaps already others worlds.

I dance during all the concert, in a state of Joy, celebration and healing. My feet on this sacred Land and my soul flying upon the guests like a protection, like an invitation to unite and to weave together, as a community, a tribe in this open space time.

I was aware that the rastafarian was looking at me; maybe wondering who and what the f..k I was doing or sensing! Well, maybe that was just an impression.

At the end of the live, Aboriginal children came to dance on stage with another dancer too. It was fantastic. Explosive.



0 1 / 0 5 / 2 0 1 1


5 : ? ? a m



After the end of the live I had a walk around but if I remembered I went back to our camp ground and luckily found M. and B. They gave me they car keys. This is not as clear now of where I did that or others things. I now, remember that I met two French friends that were disappointed and we fixed a breakfast meet up the following day. SunDaY.

The following day was plenty of shows. Margarita was dancing in a Sunbathing Troop and there was a All-in-White-Dress code picnic.

I went to see the Allyson and Alex's Grey Ethneogens Workshop. 

It stroke me how his wife was much more extroverted than him. He has this career also because they met and they are together. They talked a long time about relationships and their couple life. We did a process where we had to fix goals for the coming year. To write a list and meditate on it. The more you give energy to something the more it has a chance to happen or you to achieve it. It reminds me of my list a year ago. I had read it not so far to Alejandra...the first person I have shown it to. I was happy to see that I had achieved nearly all my list. 

Alex Grey told about symbols coming towards ourselves, toward Our soul, through meditation or visualisation...or the use of drugs. He was right in front of me, though at a certain distance, but I had the feeling he was looking straight into my eyes and Soul, talking to me. Trust these signs coming to you and follow them. Allison was saying that too. We need to trust our “intuition”..I was smiling and sitting very straight, like if my spine was concrete.

Later we had a visualisation and could draw the symbol coming to us. Mine was like I already had earlier along the past year. Two reversed pyramids shapes with an Eye in the centre, radiating. There, were like directions at each extremities. Cardinals points.

It was blur but present. I could not really record it afterward.

I was a bit surprised by what I felt.

Just after sharing it with M. and B. I went to the marketing space of Alex Grey and I found a sticker representing nearly exactly my Pyramidal symbol. I know that this is already a “common” symbol used since thousands or more years. Like the masonic symbol. Though it was or can have slightly different shapes.

In the afternoon, I had a massage and went to B. meditation. It was fantastic. I was at peace, flowing and I had the impression to be aware of my surrounds very clearly. It all flowed. After, we had a face reading by professionals face readers. The lovely guy told me some “truths” and that I had a way to perceive or calculate things beyond normal. I also had to let go of emotional stuff and judgements.

At the end of afternoon, M. and B. wanted to leave; I went to pack up with them. I was a bit sad that they go, they asked me a few times if I really wanted to stay..I said yes of course because I was willing to see the Famous Monday that I was not present to the year before!!

Them gone, I did not had any shelter to sleep. I asked to Mickael 's friend but he was uncomfortable with the idea.

I continued with the flow and I had an amazing night. I went to see the sunset at mid distance of the mountain. It was all flooded by the rain, so very muddy. There, I met Andrew with his friends and join them. I kept falling on A. during all the “inadvertence”.

I found him very cute and sensitive. I was attracted to him. 

After the sunset, we said that we will join to the market stage for a German D j 's.

I went there, but found it very loud for me and with hard bits. I could not really enter into this space.

I walk and went into the meditation space as well as journeying around.

The more the night was coming, the more my energy shifted. I went back to a shop where they sold hats like Peruvian shaped ones. To say also, that I had bought a shawl in the afternoon. A beautiful green, yellow brown with gold threads Pashmina. I was very covered all along the festival because the first day I already had smalls sunburnt on my shoulders.

I was the only one covered from head to toes! 

Girls and guys were in shorts, T- shirt or even swimsuits.

I sweat and my temperature was hot. I also bought two pairs of earrings very long and big with round structure and threads in the middle. One was purple, the other a flashy orange and green. At night dressed up in my Pashmina I bought two hats. One was red with shorts “ears” and the other one brown short length on the head with a long “tail” at the back. I put them one on top of the other. 

It sounds like I was preparing my self for the night. I ordered a tajine that I realised afterwards, was full of wheat !! ( Me on a gluten free diet). Heading towards the outside cinema I laid down there and I started to eat, looking at “2011 Space Odyssey”. Nearly 5 or 10 minutes after the screen went black and we just had the sound. I ate and rest there a bit, even if surprised at people not moving at all, like if they had not noticed that the screen was black. Then, I went to see the screened movie, docs projections in the art tent. There was good and bad stuff. They all seemed to enjoy. I left when it started to be horrors movie. I went into the chai tea tent where you could sing and play music. Just when I arrived, a South American background guy was starting his song...He introduced it like being a shamanic song. It was short but beautiful. Then, I headed to the meditation tent but before that, I think I went somewhere ….Well, at least at 4 am I found my path crossed BabaDez road, an American sexual shaman that I had seen from distance at the end of his workshop, in the afternoon.

( I had won a free entry to his earlier Melbourne's workshop).

We nearly crossed each other, at a few seconds distance. Him turning his head and huge smile towards me. Me sending him back or sort of, under the surprised effect. 

My memory bring me back the fact that I had a nap for 1 hour or two in a hammock. I was freezing because it was very windy, a cold wind announcing rain. I took pictures of the moon in a heart shape from my hammock. I left there it was around 2 or 2:30 in the morning. 

I had a look at the black board programs and saw that there was a gratitude walk at 6am. I wanted to walk in gratitude towards this Land and its people. To walk in respect and honour.

In the meditation tent, everybody was asleep or resting. I entered the space and sat down. My spine was very upright and I entered straightforward in a deep, calm meditative space. I had in the afternoon an experience in the COSM space, with Heath Myers that hold a meditative space there. During the meditation, I had the feeling ( it was more than a feeling) to communicate with Alex Grey 's paintings and environment. The shape of the space was structured like a vessel with “cardinals” points where had been placed his and others artists' paintings.

I saw them, I saw Allison and Alex Grey with my the sky or it seemed another parallels dimensions. They were smiling, beautiful and sited on thrones. The surrounds were very bright and luminous, very rich. They welcomed me and invited me to join them. I replied that I was honoured and I will join them after what I had to finish here (on Earth ?...) in this reality.

It was very powerful and the energy in the space was round and full. A woman in front of me, as I was sited just on side of Heath, had convulsions all over her body. 

Moving her legs, arms and belly in a kind of nervous trance state 

( drugs or sexual energy ..?? or energetic?)

At the end, Heather ask if some wanted to share their experience..I could not.


I know that it jumped from one memory to another, not in a chronological order but when and how my memory reminded them. 


I am now coming back to the meditation space a 4 am. I have to say like a confession, that I never had this experience with this kind of energy before. I was completely straight in my back, legs crossed in a meditative position, aware, yet not attached to my body, like if it was so soft, warmth and calm that it was only a vehicle, or more of a vessel, more of my home. I went to Egypt, or at least some pyramidal shapes and surrounds appeared to myself. The light in the darkness. The Sea of Humanity. A call, I heard...A voice, some voices, were calling me, attracting me. You need to go there. You need to go to Egypt. Then, hieroglyphics symbols intertwined in others geometrics landscapes and writings came towards me, flowed like a screen in front of me. I felt my Self and my Soul travelling inside the pyramid. I saw all these symbols making sense like an enlightenment or telling me some sacred coded messages.

The Light was there. The Life was there. The All Sacred knowledge and Wisdom of the Creation of our world was there. Love was there.

A circle shape and rounded sphere surrounded by a protective white beige light.

The eye of knowledge and the circle were merging, in fusion together.

A man in the tent, just on my left side, was looking at me with grand open eyes. I laid down after a length of time...So far, it had been my longest meditation in this kind of flowing state. 

Around one hour that felt like ten minutes.

All energies and informations were flowing through me.

I never had that peace and centeredness connected with a cosmic open connectedness. 

I head of to the gratitude walk just in time at 5:55am. I did not watch at the time but felt it. There was quite heavy rain. I felt that father sky was cleansing every bodies and the land. 

I had asked for rain during my meditation.

People of the walk told me the instructions. We are walking in a place outside of the site in silence, we meditate there in silence, and we come back in silence. We head of. Arrived, after a 10 minutes walk at a glade. We sat down and the woman that organised the walk did a strange thing. She took off her underwear and I think, and yet not sure of her masturbating in front of the sunrise landscape. I did not stare at her, nor judged her even a bit shocked. Gratitude can come through many forms. After ten minutes or so we head back to the site. 

I thanked, honoured and left them through a prayer sign.

I found myself going into the gay tent where three or four persons where sleeping. I sat on the ground, a couple on my left and a guy on a couch on my right. I posed my eyes on the ground and a shiny shape caught my attention and drew my eyes. I took it and discovered a medal representing the divine child, Jesus holding in his hands a ball or a sphere with a cross on top of it. He was sited on the right shoulder of his father, Joseph (this is what my partner told me). This was a full medal certainly attached to something before because there were no hole in it but more of a kind of glue on its back. I stare at it for a while and kept with me. I was surprised and I found it beautiful at the same time, even if I am not a believer. The man on my right, woke up not long after. It was still raining, now like a constant flow. He asked me for his jumper.

We searched a bit together and he left. 

I went to see all the music stages and said hello to French Friends. Many persons were stone at one of the two stages still going on, the market stage. I had a bit of movements but not too much. 

I head towards the bus, the last stage I had not went yet.

It was around 7 am. There, I saw back the Gratitude walk 's couple, now dressed in strange outfits with big colourful hats and funny huge party glasses.

They were dancing and looking for some sort of stuff on the ground at the same time. 

They had and icebox with them.

I walk around the site, looking at the decors. The music was very loud and hardcore electro bits.

I look on the ground and found an unusual shape, the black and red colours that I loved certainly attracted me. It was a water flask. It was a plastic one but imitating the old traditional fashion leather one. It had a black braided shoulder strap. I hesitated, look around me, it seemed abandoned and needed a carrier. I took it, dressing myself with it around my chest, in my back. I felt like ready. Then, I went to have a coffee in a hammock. When I arrived at the cafe, some people glanced at me or maybe not. I ordered the coffee and drunk it in a hammock. 

The rain had stopped, even a thinning arisen. 

Heading up toward our camp, at the far south, I arrived under the rain that went back. On my way, I found a pair of woman shoes, like leathers sandals but, this time I left them feeling their belonging not far way. After looking at my sweet sleeping friends, I sat down on the ground, laid down my legs still crossed for a while, starring at the sky, came back to my initial position and meditate. The mountain was calling me. Were they the Spirits upon the mountain, upon me and us? ( I that time I did not think of them) I was at peace, centred and open, my spine like cement. Energy coming from the ground to the sky. I had to walk on top of the mountain to meditate and communicate from there. I was not tired but cold and wet. I was pulled towards the mountain. Seeing the mud and the time already gone, I hesitated and decided to not go, reluctantly. It would have taken me perhaps around one hour, maybe more to arrived there. A short time after, my friend Margarita woke up and we shared a bit of news. I did not told her what happened but I had for sure a different look.

I was covered in my pashmina with two hats on top of one another and a flask, the sacred medal against me. Maybe it was more my face and energy that had changed. 

She did not say anything. Just smiled beautifully at me.

She sang for me her songs flowed by the music of her guitar...Originally were religious songs that she learnt in Chile in a religious singers community. Then came the time of her own creations. He own voice. The voice of her heart, body, mind and Soul in communion. She wanted to create a new song for her wedding's friend in Chile. Her friend had asked her. She thought about a song on Love. She asked me what was Love? “ Vanessa What is love? I don't know I replied”. I could not really answered or was afraid to do so by putting it in a restrained shape that will locked up instead of free itself like the bird in the sky. We had a go, well more Margarita than myself, but I felt and now hope that perhaps, I inspired her in some ways. I received this present of her voice, heart, mind and soul coiled like a lightening gifted treasure of Love and acknowledgement. 


Finally, the last day arisen from a sunny horizon. 


We did not dress up straight away. We went to the Market stage dancing like never as the energy was just going up and very high. The dub was great, fantastic at some peak points. People dressed up like they had always wished. A lot of men were dressed like women, with exacerbated boobs and make up. I had my brown bonnet with its tail and I had put black mouse fake ears.

I also had my leather belt and I had knot my shawl around my hips in a Middle Eastern style. 

The celebration atmosphere was wonderful.

After a while, we went to rest and I said hello/goodbye to the French friends selling crepes. . And M&M and I went to had a chai tea. I saw passing through, Istine and her sister, two French girls I met before. Then, a man came that they knew and hugged. They introduced to each other. He was all dressed in white with an electric blue cape on his shoulders going down to the ground, almost touching it. He had amazing transparent blue eyes and a long ponytail of white hairs. He was strong, very strong. He came from England about 40 years ago and told me being a druid. We found ourself talking together for a while until the point he told me being a healer, an acupuncturist and reiki master or so. He created and was the director of a health clinic during three years, in Melbourne. He had studied shamanism in South America. His name given by them was Wolf Star. They gave him this name because he was very quick in his acts and ways of being, of thinking. 

His animal totem was the Wolf.

Nobody knew his real name. He even, wondered why he they gave him this name at birth that did not suit him at all. He was the only one or almost, left from a family of thirteen children. His father was old but not dead yet. He was planning to do “Les Chemins de Compostelle” for his third time. He wanted to head off to Stonehenge. He had Celtic origins.

He was now retired and willing to travel in his caravan. He still had to take care of his father and was a bit waiting that he left this world. He wanted to go in Europe. He though a new awareness was coming on Earth and Rainbow Serpent was a great place to unite and to share. To awaken to our Self. It was a wonderful healing place. Shifts were happening all over the world.

Australia had a particular place in that.

He thought that in Australia this shift was taking place faster and on a wider community scale.

A new civilisation was birthing.

He told me about a diamond, an Era shaped and bright like a diamond.

That stroke me such as I had, through meditation, the same vision a year and half before.

Here, is the quoted passage of my few days earlier writings, narrating my diamond and part of my 

Kundalini awakening experience :




“We talked a long time and I felt we were drown to each other. He told me feeling that a new society or “civilisation” will take place and the setting would be Australia between others place and the world. He told me about a diamond new era or period. At he end we had our hands united together and he told me that we will see each other again....

He offered me to join the Confest Festival that took place last week end for Easter. 

I was willing and planning to go but I could not with Olivier's Birthday.


His vision stroke me because I had the same vision when I was living in Gold Coast in 2009 and was using the Holosync Meditation, in fact I was more stopping it, feeling too depressed and suicidal. I followed what Centerpointe that created Holosync advised me. They told me to stop or to slow down the use of the neuro technology meditation and to do a ajna( third eye) visualisation during 30 minutes per day or so. I had to empty my mind from thoughts and just let them passed through...well to meditate :). 

Doing it , the vision of our planet appeared to me at my ajna chakra moving in a circular way at a slow pace, beautiful and very bright, stunning. 

A shape of a diamond and soon a bright perfect diamond appeared in the earth centre, so at my ajna chakra too. 

During the following months I will have that vision coming back through meditation and some feelings of peace, freedom and loveliness going with. When I had my kundalini awakening few months after in February 2010, the diamond was here and it enlightened myself to the point were 




* I  b e c a m e  D I a m o n d



D I a m o n d s  P a r t I c l e s  F l o w I n g  

I n  t h e  U n I v e r s e



P u r e  L I g h t  o f  L o v e  a n d  E n e r g y




For the following 8 months after my kundalini I danced and meditated each morning sending back these love, light and pure energy like a healing potion and wave towards the Earth and humanity. From Australia to Paris, From Tibet to USA, from Alaska to Africa. Men, women, children, birds, fishes, whales, butterflies, flowers, wind, Stars, Sun, Moon and beyond Cosmos were all interconnected and intertwined in an ADN shape ending by two mythological Serpents figures. I offered and I honoured along this initiatory Journey from space and time, father Sky, connected to Uranus through Pachamama, our cherished mother Earth, beautiful Gaia, to and beyond our Cosmos. I wrote during a process in my course named “ Our myth” a kind of short poem where I narrated this Journey as coming “From the Moon through the Stars to the Sun....To become a Healing Woman, a Rainbow Woman”.

Just now, tears flows down from my soul through my eyes to my heart that feel it needs to let go of a part of Vanessa. Her ego identity. (-)

I wrote the above part after the one below. 

From the “I became” to... “identity” ( I put (-) for marks).


We were, as a planet, all dancing in the Rainbow waves and on the magic carpet of our new birthing Love and Consciousness. Particles of pure Freedom and Peace. Birthing to Our Self for the first time such as new Comers, such as new Lovers of this planet that we named Terra...? ( here words that I can't really catch pass through my mind and my soul, like new names but coming from far away in our common, shared “A living beings” roots, growing like “en lightening spaces and reflective particles”. I am French so Latin words came to me but also Greek or Indigenous shaped ones...After I had a look on internet to find about the languages, they were linked to Mesopotamia (that I don't even see the form or content) seemed presenting and flowing to myself.


I am tired now, I never have a nap or rarely...the last one was when I had the dreamy vision of myself dead and I rushed to do the huge art process I told you about. This one could represent a face with one eye like a star and the Sun for the mouth singing or shouting a flow of languages particles with aboriginal colours.


It would be shaped like atoms in a synergistic dance. Around white planets in movement like a protection. Spheres of winds for immaterial wings. From Sky to Earth that is to say nearly all the paper, the Infinite symbol...One of my symbol, the first I drew on the first day of in my course ( with later, the symbol 



like the Ouroboros (Uroborus), the Serpent eating its own tail) for our Mandala process. 

For the centre of the symbol is the centre of my mouth but also the Sun that brighten our soul, enliven our hearts and strengthen our bodies.”




I found myself telling him I was here because of this awakening taking place in Australia. I told him that the more I was present in Australia the more, it made sense. It was good even at a slow pace that people open and awaken to their Soul and higher Self. 

For the path and the road were as much as and even more important than the destination.

For him, the energy present here was particular. Australia was both the longest alive culture in the world and such a young one.

We separated but our hands united together. I was drown to him. We discussed about connecting later in Maitreya Festival or Easter Confest Festival. I crossed his road ten minutes later, he was walking and eating...I think he said to me I was beautiful.

I though about him for days after being back home, listening his love messages towards me and my soul ??.

He said that we had to meet again, that he was thinking of me.

We had a wonderful ending ceremony where I found myself dressed with butterfly wings, mouse ears and like small devil or mythological beast horns. I was throwing Rainbow coloured confetti up in the air.

After the Aboriginal dance and songs, a white hair and skinned woman went to sang a sort of shamanic sounds with her chest, throat, belly and Soul. Sounds were inviting us to close this journey and to return with our soul and heart fulfilled and healed. Paying respect and honouring this land that had welcome and nurture us like a community, like the ancient landers of this Red “Ab O riginel” Earth.

Margarita and I were amazed by her look and her voice. She was talking to us, addressing her message to our soul. She was hypnotic. I saw her for the second time yesterday at the Dance Journey Workshop of a friend, Simon. She was involved in the musical process with her voice recorded. I also met back there, Heather Myers ( I had received the day before (so now, two days ago) an email advertising his next sacred visual and sound meditative space named “coalessence”, in partnership with another artist. I shared a bit of my feelings with him after the dance and he told me that from his system the planet was and will next week go through an awakening on a community level. 

“It is all happening” he said.


Back to Rainbow,M., M., A. and ? decided to stay the night and to get back home the following day.

At early evening, we were chatting in the tent with M. and M.

Later, a man aged around 30's ask if he could talk with us. He stayed outside of the tent and offers us drug, Ayahuasca. He told us that he made it himself. He went to study in the Outback with Aborigines that accepted him. He told a bit about ayahuasca and its effects. He seemed knowing what he was saying. M. was interested because she already took it years before and it had been a powerful experience.

She asked the price. It was expensive because there was more than one use if I remembered.

He told that he took his own drug and had been introduced to this drug by Aborigines. He also told us that he had been addicted to others drugs, ice between others. He never had any kind of addiction to ayahuasca. This drug was a powerful way to connect to origins and go back to creation time. You could revived everything.

You needed to have a special diet as it does not break down in the stomach easily if you had meat and a fatty diet. He then, talked about an Aboriginal ceremony taking place in Southern Australia next October. A special and private meeting of Aboriginal women very strong that through meditation will connect to Earth and humanity. 

They will heal and shift the energy there.

It will last for days. 

The setting will be in a special place.

They will take Ayahuasca to prepare themselves.

You need to have more like a sort of diabetic diet, to cleanse your body and mind. This is my diet since a while. I have more or less started this change from Rainbow, even if already in last November my doctor asked me to be a vegetarian. I am already on a gluten and egg free diet, so now, almost vegan. I eat mostly green vegetables and a minimum of fruits because of the sugar content. I am also dairy and coffee free. 

I do have one glass of alcohol for special occasions.

Well, it was an “aparte”. I found surprising that he came to see us and even more that at the end he decided to give us the ayahuasca for free telling us that we were intelligent. Margarita was tempted to take it. I asked to think about that. She made a tiny altar by placing it into a small object that had light ??( I do not remind of the exact object but it was very symbolic). I asked her to told me when she was willing to take it and that I wish to be present. I also told to the guy that he needed to be careful by offering to anyone this type of drug. I also replied him that I will not take this type of drug at this present moment. Indigenous people ritualise it and have a purpose with, through and behind its intake. 

Later on, we will cross the roads of young men looking for hours their stoned and badly “tripping” girlfriends.

Before he goes, I told him being interested in the Aboriginal ceremony and that I will perhaps see him there.

Then we went dancing on the last stage where there was a lot of young drug. Also we were a bit shacked by this ayahuasca guy and the man searching for his stoned girlfriend since 3 hours. We saw the emergency helping another girl that was completely out in the space.

We finally went to the ♥ Poco Loco (?) private tent tent or this kind of name that was a private space. We had a great time there. People were coming from everywhere and the small space started to be very crowded. There were poll dancers and you could try it if you wanted too. 

I remind now that I just had a few hours of real sleep since the past three nights. 

I was very high in energy and still dancing.

The Moon was nearly full and very bright, lightening the surrounds of the tent.


I t  w a s  a m a z i n g


We head back to our camp and tent. I slept on the ground under the caravan protection.

I think I dreamed but I did not remember it as I am use to. 

The following day we pack up everything and went back home. 

I was side to side with A. and I felt very excited, being so closed to him. 

It was the first awakening back of my senses since a very long time.

I thought and I felt he is a pure man. Almost like a virgin. This is just my feeling.







e V a   a V e

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